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It seems I have quite a few old friends finding me through my website. I enjoy hearing about what others have been up to.
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Welcome to my homepage. Here you will find various information on me, my interests, and my friends. I don't get around to updating this page too often, so when I do I will include a note below.


My dad and I went to the Year One Experience event at Road Atlanta over the weekend. Although they have all kinds of events going on all weekend, I went with mainly one in mind - the autocross. I saw photos on YearOne's web site from last year's event, and it looked like tons of fun. It was! We had a blast taking my speed 6 around the cones, even if we didn't set any records.
Click the image to see photos of the event - including photos of us with TV hosts Chip Foose (Overhaulin') & Lou Santiago (MuscleCar)!

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