SimpliSafe Giveaway

Date February 13, 2013

I just entered the following contest to win a SimpliSafe home security system:

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Date November 30, 2010

Well, I just noticed it’s been more than a year since my last update. It’s very hard to do both a blog and Facebook. Perhaps I will do more updates here and link them to Facebook. I don’t like to store my pictures there as I’m afraid they may one day go the way of the dinosaur or decide to start charging for accounts.

Call me Captain Kirk

Date September 28, 2009


This is what my new chair looks like. Aside from computers, this is my biggest work expense ever. $600 big ones. I saved quite a bit of money, though, because I found it in an Office Depot catalog which came with a 10% off coupon (thanks, [censored]). I liked it when I tried it out at Yodobashi Camera, but they were selling it for around $800. Finally, a chair that can support the weight of a 6′ tall alien. My last chair was nice, but it had some hard plastic under the cushion on the backrest, so it always poked me when I leaned back toward the end of the day. I had to put a pillow behind me. Anyway, now I have a great chair to sit in all day!

Billy & Brazil

Date September 6, 2009

Today [censored] and I went with Assis to a Brazilian festival in Tokyo (Yoyogi Park). They had lots of Brazilian food, entertainment and souvenirs. There was one stand there, however, that was selling Hawaiian doughnuts. Hawaiian doughnuts at a Brazilian festival. The strangeness did not end there, however. The advertising spokesperson was none other than Billy Blanks of Boot Camp fame. Even more strange was the fact that they had a sign up that said if you bought some doughnuts you could get your picture taken with Billy Blanks. We waited in line for about 30 minutes, and sure enough, Billy Blanks arrived! So I got to shake his hand and get my picture taken with him. He also commented that he liked my t-shirt.

Work·a·hol·ic (wûr’kə-hô’lĭk)

Date August 29, 2009

Hurricane Clay has come and gone. Got here on the 13th at around 7 p.m. What do you think was the first thing he did?

trip 005

He got onto his computer and started checking his work e-mails. The next day he went on a trip to a place called Izumo in Shimane and spent some time practicing jujutsu with a friend. He came back a few days later, and what was the first thing he did?

trip 004

If you said, “Took out his computer and started checking his work e-mails,” you are correct. During the day he’d go out and meet friends, and when he got back he’d be right back on the computer checking e-mails and giving his subordinates instructions.

I think if you look in the dictionary, you might one day find one of the pictures above next to the definition of workaholic. Guess that’s an indication of just how important he is at his workplace. I’d venture a guess that he’s pretty good at what he does, too, considering he’s already got a management position in such a short time with the company. Makes his big brother proud. Just wish he didn’t have to work so much (even on weekends, he told me).

While he was here we did get to do some stuff together. First we went for a weightlifting session at my Taekwondo dojo with my Taekwondo instructor (a former Olympian).

trip 002 trip 001

The next day he went with me to the Taekwondo class.

trip 003

In the middle is Shinkai, and on the right is Takashi.

On the last day before he left we went for a jog around the neighborhood.

trip 006

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Total solar eclipse

Date July 22, 2009

There was a total solar eclipse today. Apparently these things only happen once in a lifetime–every 50 years or so. Wouldn’t you know it, the skies were cloudy. Here’s what I was able to see:

We are the world…

Date July 5, 2009


Around the beginning of this year I rediscovered Michael Jackson’s music. I got hooked on all my old favorites again like Billy Jean, Beat It and Man in the Mirror. Since the news of his death I’ve been listening to all of his music. He really did have talent. It’s too bad he had to die so young without getting his life together. There’s a hole in all of our hearts that only God can fill. Unfortunately many people find that out too late.

Mom’s trip to Japan

Date May 19, 2009

I’ve uploaded pics from Mom’s trip to Japan. Unfortunately, because there are so many and they were taken by 3 different cameras, there was no way to put them in order. The pics are here.


Date May 18, 2009

I never really cared for Doraemon, the cat-robot from the future, but he now adorns my mobile phone, thanks to an experience at the Movie Village in Kyoto. Mom and I went on May 8, and I was hoping to see the “Super Samurai” show that I’ve seen twice now. It’s really cool with acrobatics and stuff, but they didn’t have it this time. Instead, we went to a little show where a guy was demonstrating a sword and frog oil. I got called up onto the stage, and he pretended to cut my arm and then “heal” the wound with frog oil. He gave me a mobile phone strap with Doraemon on it for being such a good sport. The best part was him asking me how old I was and then misunderstanding my reply. I said I was 31 in English, and he said, “Oh, 21?” in Japanese. Then I said, “No, 31” in Japanese. He and the audience acted surprised, so I guess I could have passed for 21. I was happy. :)

If you’re reading this in your e-mail, you’ll have to go to my blog to view the video.

How do I get to Tokyo?

Date May 8, 2009

So I’m here at Kyoto Station and this elderly Japanese lady comes up to me and asks me how to get to Tokyo. There are about 5 million people at the station and she asks the foreigner. I had no idea, but I looked around and found the sign, so I told her in a confident tone, “Tokyo? That’d be lines 11 and 12.”