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J.K. Rowling is 'really sorry' for killing off a 'Harry Potter' character

Remember that time in 1998 when the world shaken by a violent battle and the fate of the globe hung in jeopardy?...

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5 - 10 minutes old
- 7 Dark Truths About Entrepreneurship - Fox News
- The 4 Things You Need to Know About McDonald's Turnaround Plan - Fox News
- NYC harassment case against marathon bombers' sister dropped; allegations can't be proved - Fox News
- Jury in 1979 missing-child case of Etan Patz gets a printer in 13th full day of deliberations - Fox News
30 minutes - 1 hour old
- Bill O'Reilly takes a crack at standup - CNN
- Floppy disk drives play 'Game of Thrones' theme song - CNN
- Mayweather-Pacquaio fight made Periscope the new Napster - CNN
- Demand growing for class-reunion services - Japan Times
- McDonald's Restructuring Plan: Where's The Beef? - Investor's Business Daily
- Pro-life group fights 'non-discrimination' bill in DC - ONN
- The elect will be fooled - WND
- 4 dead, 1 wounded in Wisconsin shooting - WND
- Bill Clinton: Nothing 'sinister' in donations - WND
- Charter cable service fizzled on fight night - WND
- Bruce Jenner to appear in two 'Keeping up With the Kardashians' specials - Fox News
- Nigel Terry, who played King Arthur in ?Excalibur,? dead at 69, report says - Fox News
- Ireland Baldwin leaves rehab - Fox News
- Yolanda Foster talks lyme disease 'nightmare' - Fox News
- FOX411's pic of the day - Fox News
- Less sports training tied to groin injury - Fox News
- Fully restored WWII fighter plane up for auction - Fox News
- Annual report on Anti-Semitism in Czech Republic registers increase of harassment, threats - Fox News
- Muted celebrations of Buddha's birthday in Nepal, with prayers turned to those lost in quake - Fox News
- 30 people arrested in 2nd night of soccer violence in Poland triggered by fan death - Fox News
- Centenarian survives Nepal quake, wonders if he's testing fate - Fox News
- Kate and William's princess gets a royal name - Fox News
- Egypt officials: Militants attack security forces' base in Sinai, no word on casualties - Fox News
- South Sudan ratifies Convention on the Rights of the Child; US, Somalia only outliers left - Fox News
- Turkey says it has stopped over 200 migrants from heading to EU-member Greece in small boats - Fox News
- Legends & Lies: Davy Crockett - Fox News
- 'Excalibur' star Terry dies - Fox News
- 'Star Wars' monster ship - Fox News
- UK McDonald's to start breathalyzer tests for customers - Fox News
- 2 UN peacekeepers wounded by mortar fire from Syria in Golan Heights - Fox News
- THEY'LL CALL HER. . . George's little sister gets name fit for a princess - Fox News
1 - 2 hours old
- 5 Ways to Make Your Office Extrovert Friendly That Everyone Will Like - Fox News
- What Inspires Entrepreneurs to Work as Hard as They Do - Fox News
- Report: Ferguson to pay attorney $1,335 an hour to negotiate, perhaps litigate, reforms - Fox News
- US factory orders up 2.1 percent in March, first advance in 8 months - Fox News
- The latest on Boston Marathon trial: Cousin from Russia describes bomber as kind, warm - Fox News

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